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A cremation jewelry necklace that holds a small amount of ash inside

How Do You Fill Cremation Jewelry?

Your Cherished Emblem just arrived. What's inside?

  • The Cherished Emblem urn jewelry itself
  • A small funnel
  • A pin for the funnel
  • A small screw driver (depending on the design)
  • Some jewelry adhesive with a small tip
  • Some instructions

To place the ashes in your cremation jewelry you can unscrew the top or depending on the design you can use the included screw driver to open the chamber. This is the chamber where the ashes will be placed. Once open ensure that you don't loose the seal and don't overfill the chamber either. Most pieces will take a teaspoon or less of ashes inside.

To fill the emblem place the included funnel into the urn and pour the ashes into the funnel. Use the included pin to clear the funnel so the ashes can be put inside. Once filled remove the funnel and reseal the emblem with the screw. Check to make sure the rubber seal is still in place when sealing the emblem. Don't forget to place a small dab of glue before you screw the emblem closed. It locks in the emblem nicely, so you don't have to worry about the safety of those precious ashes. It will take 10 minutes for the adhesive to start setting.

Allow 24-72 hours for the jewelry adhesive to fully cure. 

Always keep your loved ones close with your own Cherished Emblem . Each of our pieces of urn jewelry are designed to hold the ashes of your loved one for a forever. They will not rust or tarnish over time. Imagine holding something that your great-grandparents treasured—these are those kinds of precious keepsakes.

Keeping the memory alive, many now turn to cremation jewelry as a special tribute to those who have passed away. Cherished Emblems has hundreds of designs to chose from necklaces , bracelets , keychains , keepsake urns , and rings . Creating a wearable and meaningful keepsake.

One of the main values of cremation jewelry from Cherished Emblems is the comfort it can provide to those who are grieving. The pain from losing someone dear cuts deep, doesn't it? Sometimes though, just having a physical memento can wrap us in warmth like they're still here with us. Cremation jewelry allows the wearer to keep a small piece of their loved one with them at all times, which can provide a sense of comfort and closeness that can be hard to find otherwise.

It’s not just about feeling closer to those we’ve lost; choosing cremation jewelry means actively celebrating and remembering them every day. Many of the pieces from Cherished Emblems feature beautiful designs and each can be customized to include a loved one’s initials or something else depending on what kind of engraving you would prefer. With cremation jewelry, it's like saying to the world that your departed are forever part of your story, cherished in every step forward.

Cremation jewelry from Cherished Emblems can also serve as a conversation starter. Wearing a piece of cremation jewelry does more than accessorize your outfit—it invites conversation and questions about its meaning from others. Wearing such an item not only keeps your dear one close but also sparks heartwarming chats that mend the soul bit by bit.

Overall, the value of cremation jewelry from Cherished Emblems is in its ability to provide comfort, honor a loved one’s memory. Wither it's a simple pendant or an intricate design, cremation jewelry serves as a heartfelt way to keep someone you loved close by no matter where you go.

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