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Children's Grief Awareness Day

Children's Grief Awareness Day

You may not be aware but back in 2008 in the state of Pennsylvania the Highmark Caring Place started the international observance of Children's Grief Awareness Day. This is a day to bring awareness to the fact that grief affects all of us including children. The death of a loved one is hard for all of us, and children deserve support and love as they are trying to understand the emotions and feelings they are going through.  

Each year Children's Grief Awareness Day is on the third Thursday in November. This day was chosen because the holiday season can be an especially difficult time of year after the loss of someone.  Children's Grief Awareness Day was today November 17th, 2022 and it will be on November 16th, 2023 next year.  

From its inception there have been many different celebrities and organizations that have supported this important and significant day. Including LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow who did a reading of a book he wrote called: "The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm." We have the video of his reading below which also includes a children's activity that can help them learn more about their emotions. You can check out that video here:

We at Cherished Emblems support Children's Grief Awareness day and hope that you as well will support this important day and program.  You can find more information about their cause here, and please do take the time to share this with anyone you know who may benefit from the resources and information that they have.

Grief needs to be talked about. Children need to be able to talk about it too. Being able to allow them to talk about their grief will help them process it and be able to know that it is ok to feel the way that they are feeling. 

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