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Urn Keychains


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Keychain - "Always In My Heart" Silver Cremation Urn Keychain
Keychain - Silver Angel Wings Cremation Urn Keychain
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Keychain - Silver Tree Of Life Cremation Urn Keychain
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Keychain - Silver Angel Wing Cross Cremation Urn Keychain
Keychain - Simple Heart Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain With Pet Paws
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Simple Heart Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain With Pet Paws

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$4497 USD $5997 USD
Keychain - Silver Owl Cremation Urn Keychain With Gemstones
Save $1500 USD
Keychain - Heart Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain With Pet Paw & "Always In My Heart"
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Keychain - Pet Footprint Cremation Urn Jewelry Keychain Dog Tag
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Keychain - Silver Cremation Urn Keychain Dog Tag With Pet Paw
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Keychain - Pet Paw Cremation Urn Keychain
Keychain - Murano Glass Butterfly Cremation Urn Keychain
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Keychain - Pet Paw Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain
Keychain - Silver Cylinder Cremation Urn Keychain With Pet Paws
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Keychain - Heart Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain With Paw Prints
Save $1000 USD
Keychain - Pink Rhinestone Butterfly Cremation Urn Keychain
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Keychain Cremation Urns

Are you looking for the perfect way to hold onto your loved one after they have passed? If so, keychain urn jewelry could be the for you answer. These are stunning pieces of jewelry that will allow you to keep a small part of your loved one close to you every single day. 

What Is A Keychain Urn

A keychain urn is exactly as it sounds. It’s a miniature urn that slips easily onto a keychain. This means that you can attach it to your keys, the zipper of a purse, bag, backpack or even the zipper on an item of clothing. These urns come in a variety of different styles and designs, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect option for you. 

You might think that keychain urns are a new idea. It’s true to say that technology has improved in creating and designing these small capsules. However, keychain urns are based on the concept of keeping a some ashes of someone close to you, even after they pass away. This in itself isn’t a new concept. Indeed, people have been finding ways to hold onto their loved ones after death for hundreds of years. From locks of hair to other memorials, this concept is present in a range of different cultures around the world. Either for spiritual or sentimental reasons, countless people love keychain urns. 

How Does It Work?

Keychain urns are remarkably simple. Each keychain urn comes with a funnel and filling instructions. The whole process will take less than a few minutes. The kit provides everything you will need and there’s no need to worry that it’s going to be a complex process or that you will make a mess. You can fill the urn immediately after you receive the ashes of your loved one. Alternatively, you can use this product to store other significant materials. For instance, they can be used to keep a lock of hair or perhaps a fragment of the cloth that someone was buried in. Various other materials have been held in keychain urns in the past. These products are just for ashes. 

This means that a keychain urn can still be a wonderful option even if your loved one received a traditional burial. They can even be used to store a small portion of the soil from the burial site. 

Why Choose A Piece Of Keychain Urn Jewelry 

It is often incredibly difficult losing a loved member of the family, a wonderful family pet or even a friend. It’s even worse when you begin to lose parts of them that were left behind from family photos to dog collars and videos. Before long there is very little left of the person you used to remember or the animal you loved. 

It’s also possible that even if you try and keep a piece of them close by such as a lock of hair, this can get lost. This will be the case if you keep it in your wallet and it’s stolen. With a keychain urn, you have a way to hold onto them forever and keep that part of them safe, forever close to you. You can carry that small part of them with you wherever you go in a discreet and beautiful way. 

Keychain Urn Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is struggling with the grieving process, then this could certainly be the answer. A keychain urn will help ensure that they have a brilliant and beautiful way to hold onto the person that they lost. These items have been a popular gift for the bereaved for years and can be a wonderful treasure for someone who is struggling to cope. 

Another big benefit of keychain urns is that you can find the perfect one to provide as a gift for a loved one, friend or family member. With so many designs and options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for them and indeed, the person that they lost. 

Keychain Urns For Pets

A lot of people think the keychain urns are just for the remains of humans who we have loved and cherished in our life. But that’s not the case. Here at Cherished Emblems, we know that animals and pets are always going to be held near and dear to your heart. It can be devastating when a pet passes away. It’s just like using a beloved member of the family or a dear friend. 

With keychain urns, you also have the opportunity to hold your pets close to your heart too, even after they are gone from this world. Again, the keychain urn can be used to store a small portion of their fur, some of their ashes or perhaps some of the soil where they were buried. It could even be a fragment of their favorite toy. It’s entirely up to you and it will differ from person to person. 

You’ll find that we have a variety of beautiful keychain urns that are themed to be perfect for your family pet. From pawprints to special messages with beautiful meanings, we have all the choices that you could possibly desire. So, whether you’re purchasing a keychain urn for you, or someone else, you’ll always be able to find the ideal choice. 

Why Choose Cherished Emblems For Your Keychain Urns?

With a wide range of different designs and options, you’re certain to be able to find the perfect keychain urn jewelry for you from our store. All our products are beautifully made to the highest standard of quality and will keep your ashes safe. 

With budget-friendly pricing and free shipping, we strive to deliver the absolute best level of customer service. 

You can view our products right now and order the perfect way to keep a piece of your beloved family member, friend or pet close to your heart.