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woman holding a mermaid cremation urn necklace
woman holding a mermaid cremation urn necklace

Hold & Protect


Kitty and Puppy playing together and a cremation urn necklace silhouetted in front
Kitty and Puppy playing together and a cremation urn necklace silhouetted in front
Cherish Your

Loyal Loved Ones

Keep Them With You For Furrever

A beautiful beach sunrise with a cremation urn necklace on the side
A beautiful beach sunrise with a cremation urn necklace on the side
Cremation Jewelry Gives You The Ability To

Keep your loved one close to your heart

Everywhere You Go

Cremation Jewelry Matching Your Style & Preference

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About Cherished Emblems

Cremation Jewelry Helps Us Heal

At Cherished Emblems, we understand the deep connection and memories tied to our loved ones. Founded with a passion for creating meaningful keepsakes, we specialize in high-quality, stainless steel cremation jewelry designed to last forever. Our pieces are hypoallergenic, rust-resistant, and made to hold the physical ashes of your loved one and the essence of your cherished memories.

With over 6 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing beautiful and enduring jewelry that offers comfort and remembrance. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring that your loved ones are always close to your heart. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we are proud to receive 5-star reviews praising the beauty and quality of our jewelry.

Thank you for trusting Cherished Emblems to help you keep your loved ones' memories alive.

Learn About Cremation Jewelry


Cremation Urn Jewelry At Affordable Prices

All of us wish to welcome you to Cherished Emblems. We specialize in cremation jewelry. Our journey began in 2018 when we lost a beloved pet. We wanted to find a way to cherish our furry family member forever, and this is how Cherish Emblems came about. No matter whether you are looking for an ash necklace or you want to buy a special gift for someone to help them to cope with the loss of a loved one, we have got you covered. Our jewelry enables you to cherish the memory of someone special and wear them close to your heart. We believe it is a beautiful sentiment, and we’re delighted to have helped so many people with our jewelry pieces. Read on to discover more about the different products that we sell, and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close To Your Heart

Our urn jewelry is designed so that you can keep your loved one close to your heart. Cremation jewelry is somewhat of a new phenomenon. Memory lockets and charm bracelets have become very popular over the years. These pieces of jewelry are popular because they mean a lot, with the charms symbolizing something important. With cremation jewelry, the depth of meaning and emotion is even more significant. With an ash necklace, for example, you are literally going to be keeping a loved one close to your heart after they have passed. Is there anything else more beautiful than this?

When a person passes away, and they have decided that they want to be cremated, it can be tough to know what to do with the ashes. Some people may have stated that they would like their ashes to be spread in a certain place, for example, a place that means a lot to them, like where they got married or where they went on a special family vacation. For others, ashes will simply be kept in an urn. No matter the scenario, cremation jewelry is something that can be considered. After all, you are only going to need a very small amount of the ashes in order to put them inside of a pendant and keep your loved one close by. And, if you are worried about putting the ashes inside; don’t be! We explain exactly how to do this and we give you everything you need to do it properly. You can then scatter the rest of the ashes wherever they have stated they would like them to be spread.

There is something very special about this type of jewelry. After all, when someone close to us passes away, it is one of the most upsetting and challenging things to go through. We can often feel like we have lost that person forever. This distance is extremely difficult for people to come to terms with. And, although cremation jewelry cannot bring that person back, it can mean that you have a beautiful method of carrying them with you wherever you go. This can ensure that you feel connected to your loved one at all times while also providing you with a great source of comfort.

The Styles Of Cremation Urn Jewelry Available To Our Customers

We have a wide range of cremation jewelry for sale here at Cherished Emblems. We are constantly adding to our product selection too, so make sure you keep an eye out for all of our updates. This includes the following:

Men's Cremation Jewelry

We have a varied selection of men’s jewelry for sale. This includes a huge assortment of cremation urn necklaces in different colors, including silver, gold, rose gold as well as different pendant choices. This includes a huge range of pendant designs, for example, feathers, fishing hooks, cross, hockey sticks, angels, and much more. We even have Thor’s Hammer pendant! So, we are sure you will have no trouble being able to find a pendant that appeals to you and also means something. You may want to look for a pendant design that signifies the relationship you shared between you and the person that passed away. For example, you may want to opt for a heart-shaped key necklace if you have lost your partner. Other design choices include acoustic guitars, flowers, fish, anatomical hearts, knife blades, doves, a shining sun, and more.

Women's Cremation Jewelry

We also have a huge selection of different women’s jewelry pieces to choose from. As is the case for the men’s jewelry that we sell, we have a huge selection of different materials, metals, colors, and designs to select from. You can narrow down our product selection based on different tags, for example, you can select cylinder-shaped necklaces or you can choose to only look at our women’s bracelets, for instance. We have a huge assortment of women’s products, and we are always adding to this. From butterflies and crosses to hearts and angel wings; you can choose from pendants in so many different designs. Our LGBT products are very popular. This includes our LGBT Rainbow Rhinestone Cylinder Cremation Jewlery Necklace, which is the classic cylinder shape. It features eight colored gems to represent the LGBT community.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Losing a pet can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with. After all, pets become part of our families too! They provide us with love and comfort. They are there for us when we need them. They never let us down. Saying goodbye to a fluffy friend can be extremely hard but with our jewelry, you can ensure you keep your pet close to your heart at all times. We have a great range of different pet products to choose from. Of course, you have a great range of different paw print designs. However, we have tried to make our range as varied as possible so that you have no trouble finding the perfect piece of cremation jewelry for you. For example, we have a pet urn necklace that features a sleeping dog on it. Of course, we also have pendants representing other animals, including fish, dolphins, elephants, horses, cats, and much more. You will also find that some of our urn necklace designs feature beautiful quotes as well, for example, “I Carry You With Me.”

Cremation Urn Bracelets

While there is no denying that our ash necklace designs have become very popular, we have also created a range of bracelets too. After all, people have different jewelry tastes and different preferences when it comes to this sort of jewelry. If you take a look at our bracelet range, you will see that it is very varied. We have the classic cremation urn bracelet and the modern luxury cremation urn bracelet. Both look stunning and they are ideal if you are looking to purchase this sort of jewelry as a gift and you are not sure regarding what sort of style to go for. However, we have plenty of other options too. For example, you can go for a leather bracelet or a twine and silver bracelet if you are looking for something different. We also have bracelets that have stylish charms on them for the urn, for example, star-shaped urns. Some of our bracelets also have loving and special phrases etched onto them too.

Cremation Keychain Urns

In addition to selling a beautiful range of cremation necklaces and bracelet, we also have a varied selection of keychains available for sale too. After all, if there is one thing we tend to carry with us whenever we leave the house, it is our keys. If there is one thing we never want to lose, it is our keys! Therefore, a cremation keychain makes sense, right? Our keychains come in an array of beautiful designs. If you are looking for something with a religious element, you can opt for one of our angel wing or cross keychains. However, we have plenty of other designs available too, ranging from pink rhinestone butterflies to pet paw-shaped urns. The options are well and truly endless. Our keychains also make great gifts if you are buying for someone special who has lost a loved one and you are trying to help them cope with the grief they are experiencing.

Keepsake Urns

Aside from cremation jewelry, we also sell a stunning selection of urns. We are always adding to this product range, so make sure you keep an eye out for any new items we add to it. Our urns come in a selection of wonderful designs, from classic designs to those with paw prints on them. You can choose from a variety of different sizes and most of our urns come with different metal options as well. For example, you can go for rose gold, gold, black, silver, and such like. You may decide to add these urns to your necklace or you can use them as a stand-alone product. The options are yours. After all, it is up to you how you choose to cherish and remember your loved one - we simply want to ensure you have the most beautiful way of doing so. When you click on the urn, you will see information about the size of it, as well as the different elements that are included. For example, you will receive pendant filling instructions, a cremation urn, a funnel, and a display box. Make sure you see whether or not the necklace chain is incorporated.

A Special Gift For Your Loved Ones

The cremation jewelry that we have for sale makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the entire family when someone has passed away. The pain that we experience when we lose someone we love, be it a family member, friend, or pet, is something that cannot be described. A gift like this can help family members to feel close to the person that they have passed away at all times. Of course, it is a small consolation, as nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one. However, it is something that can provide people with a great source of comfort. All close friends and family members can keep the person or pet close to their heart and carry them with them wherever they go. It’s great that with jewelry like this, everyone can be involved and no one feels left out. When ashes are kept in an urn, there can often be debate and frustration about where the ashes will be kept and whether they will be spread or not. However, this type of jewelry is a great way to ensure that everyone can keep their loved one close to their heart.

Free Shipping Across The United States

We are dedicated to bringing our customers as much as value as possible. One of the ways we do this is by offering free shipping across the United States. We are also happy to provide a number of different payment options, including a wide range of debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal and Apple Pay. Plus, we have a sales section on our website, which are constantly keeping up-to-date with beautiful jewelry pieces, which are available to you at unbelievable prices. Why not take a look and see if you can pick up a bargain?

Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us For More Information

If you would like more information about any of the products that we have available, or you want to know more about the service that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can make contact using our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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