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I'll Always Remember is a prompt journal designed to help those going through the grieving of their lost loved one.

Inside this journal are questions to prompt memories that you and your loved one shared together. Questions about times you have spent together, their favorite things, even weird quirks that may have gotten on your nerves at times.

This journal is meant to be written in once a week where you can set aside some time to record a cherished memory you shared with your loved one.

When it feels like the loss is too great, or if you feel down and miss them greatly, this journal can be a wonderful archive to go back to and read those beautiful memories. It also can be a family archive that can be read to future generations who may have never met the one who passed, but they can learn about their relative and hear stories that they may never would have heard before.

I'll Always Remember makes for a great gift to a friend or family member that you love who may have recently lost someone. It can be a loving way to show that you care about them and know how important that person was to them. It is an unfortunate thing that we all must pass on someday, but it does not mean that we should forget those that have passed one.

All of us at Cherished Emblems hope that this journal can give you additional support in your time of loss. Grief is not easy, but is a necessary process that does not have to be faced alone.

Keep family and friends close to help you when you need it and don't be afraid of asking for support when it feels too hard to cope. Remember to take the grief a day, an hour, or even a moment at a time. Everyone processes loss differently, but remember you are not alone.

We pray for you and all those that have lost a loved one.

God be with you till you meet again