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About Cherished Emblems


Cherished Emblems came about after we began an unfortunate journey of grief. We had lost one of our beloved furry family members suddenly and quite unexpectedly in March of 2015. He was our cat named Brother and we were very unsure how to handle the sudden loss.

He had been acting very strange panting like a dog, and has lost a lot of weight in a very short amount of time. We took him to the vet who told us Brother had cancer which had metastasized into tumors all through out his body. He was in a lot of pain, very stressed which caused the panting, and would not be with us for much longer. Treatment was an option but because of how much the cancer had spread it would be a very unlikely chance he would survive treatment.

After learning this terrible news we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. Brother meant so much to us we didn't want him to hurt anymore. 

Brother had been with us for nearly 10 years and was always there when one of us needed love and support. He was part Maine Coon which meant he was a very big 20 lb cat. He was a gentle giant who loved to cuddle. He always had be near his people. Despite his bigger build and clumsy hunting style he'd still try to catch butterflies in the backyard where he also loved to spend time in the sun.

Our cat Brother who passed away and we were unable to have any ash jewelry to save his whisker
Our cat Brother, hoping to go on a trip

All of the time that we had with him had meant so much, we loved him with all of our hearts and unfortunately knew that this decision was the right one for him.

After he had gone to sleep we snipped off one of his whiskers to keep with us and remember him by. We hoped that there could be some way to cherish that part of our furry family member for forever.   

Unfortunately a few weeks after Brother had been put down the purse holding his whisker inside was stolen. When the purse was found and returned the whisker was gone. Whoever stole the purse of course had no care for a cat whisker in a plastic bag. It was tossed away and we lost the only piece we had left of Brother.  

It was a few years later after Brother had passed that we discovered cremation jewelry. It had bene devastating for us not having a part of our cat with us, and discovering a way to keep and protect a part of someone who had passed was just so beautiful.

Feeling that grief and loss had been so hard for many years, and to think we could have had that whisker protected and close to us the entire time. We knew we wanted to help others who were or are going through their own grief and try to let them know of this beautiful option that can keep a loved one with you for forever.  

Slowly, we have worked many days, evenings and weekends to create a business that offers beautiful cremation urn jewelry. We are so blessed to be able to do this full time now. The stories and experiences our customers continue to share with us of how our emblems have helped them in their grief is so rewarding.

Our goal is for Cherished Emblems to be a place where you who have lost a loved one can find an emblem to help you through your grief

We hope that the Cherished Emblem you choose can give you support, courage, & strength. Keeping your loved one with you close no matter where you go. We have many different types of ash jewelry from a cremation urn necklace, an urn bracelet, cremation urn keychain, or earrings

It is our prayer that we can give you some support and care in a small way through this trying time.

Love & Prayers,

The Cherished Emblem Family