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About Cherished Emblems

Cherished Emblems was born from a heart-wrenching journey of grief after losing a beloved furry family member, Brother. The family made the agonizing decision to put him to sleep after discovering he had cancer which had spread throughout his body. They snipped off one of Brother's whiskers to remember him by, but it was stolen along with the purse that held it a few weeks later.


Years later, the family discovered the beauty of cremation jewelry and decided to start Cherished Emblems, a business that offers ash jewelry to help others through their grief. They work tirelessly to create beautiful pieces that provide comfort, support, and care to those who have lost a loved one. It is a business built from love and the desire to keep cherished memories close to the heart. The stories and experiences shared by customers of how the emblems have helped them in their grief is incredibly rewarding. Cherished Emblems is a place where love and loss converge, and where those who have lost someone dear can find solace, courage, and strength to keep going.

Our cat Brother who passed away and we were unable to have any ash jewelry to save his whisker
Our cat Brother, hoping to go on a trip


We hope that the Cherished Emblem you choose can give you support, courage, & strength. Keeping your loved one with you close no matter where you go. We have many different types of ash jewelry from a cremation urn necklace, an urn bracelet, cremation urn keychain, keepsake urns or earrings

It is our prayer that we can give you some support and care in a small way through this trying time.

Love & Prayers,

The Cherished Emblem Family