About Us

About Cherished Emblems

Cherished Emblems was conceived while we began a journey grief. We had lost one of our beloved family members suddenly and quite unexpectedly.  Our journey began in March of 2017 when we had lost a beloved pet and were unsure how we could handle our loss.

The only part of our kitty that we had left after he passed was a whisker that we had found in our bedroom. We wanted to find a way to cherish that piece of our furry family member for forever. 

A search began to find some way of protecting his whisker and finally we were able to find an urn necklace we could keep it in. Unfortunately before our urn came the purse his whisker was in was stolen and we were unable to save the only piece we had left of him.  

After discovering cremation jewelry and seeing how much it had impacted us in finding a way to preserve and protect a part of the one we loved we knew we wanted to help others who were or are going through the same grief that we had suffered. 

Slowly we have worked many days, evenings and weekends to create a business that not only provides beautiful cremation urn jewelry, but also has become a place where those who have lost can grieve, grow & heal together.

We hope that your own Cherished Emblem can give you support, courage, & strength. That you can keep your loved one with you close no matter where you go. It can be a cremation urn necklace, an urn bracelet, cremation urn keychain, or earrings.  We wish to help as much as we can, and pray that we can give you support in a small way that lasts not just temporarily but for always.

Love & Prayers,

The Cherished Emblem Family