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Pet Cremation Jewelry Information

A picture of Pet Cremation Jewelry to help cope with the loss of a pet

We know how hard it can be to lose a family pet. A core member of your family, they always gave you comfort and love throughout the years. Going on adventures with you and by your side throughout all occasions, our pets are key figures in our lives that can never be replaced. 

With their own special personalities and traits, it’s easy to forget a time before them. When they pass, it can be heartbreaking for everyone in your family. So it’s nice to have something to remember them by. And that’s where our pet cremation jewelry comes in. 

Pet cremation jewelry is designed to keep your beloved pet close to your heart forever. At Cherished Emblems, we have created beautiful pieces of jewelry that will protect the ashes of your pet in a unique vessel. From pawprint designs to animal emblems, our collection of pet cremation jewelry has something for all tastes and budgets. They are also available in transparent and non-transparent designs.

No matter what type of animal your pet was, whether they were a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or another animal, we have jewelry to suit - in both classic and more whimsical styles. Available in an array of colors and finishes, you will find the ideal one for you.

Crafted using a variety of materials that won't tarnish after extensive wear, including silver and rose gold it will keep your pet’s ashes safe so that you can wear it anywhere without having to worry. As well as jewelry that protects ashes, our collection of pet cremation jewelry can hold whiskers and a lock of fur. Some of our cremation jewelry also comes with a beautifully engraved message - including ‘my best friend’ and ‘my fur angel’ which will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Commemorating their precious memory, our designers will create a piece of jewelry that reflects who they were. A keepsake that you can cherish throughout the grieving process, it will give you the comfort you need in the time of hardship. 

If you are looking for something a bit different, we also have a selection of pieces that incorporate crystals or rhinestones – adding a bit of class and playfulness to the jewelry. With a collection that includes keychains, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, you will find a piece that will match any outfit and occasion.

Cremation vs. Burying 

When you lose your pet, you might think about burying them in your backyard. But by burying them, you are putting them at risk of predators. That’s why so many people are turning to pet cremation. And through pet cremation, comes the opportunity to thoughtfully retain the happy memories of the pet’s life through a piece of jewelry. A popular method that’s rapidly on the rise, there’s no better time than now to purchase cremation jewelry that will create everlasting memories.

Pet Cremation Necklaces 

Our extraordinary collection of pet cremation urn necklaces are suitable for both men and women - no matter what their age.

 With designs that include bullet vials, hearts and animals, you can find the perfect urn necklace for you. By wearing a necklace with their ashes, a whisker or a lock of fur in, you will be able to look down and remember the good times that you had with them – whether they were a dog, cat, horse or another type of animal.

Pet Cremation Rings

Our cremation rings are designed with a breathtaking heart that represents the love that you have for your pet. Available in silver, gold and rose gold, these beautiful rings can contain your pet’s ashes so that you can carry around the memory of them wherever you go.

Pet Cremation Earrings 

Our selection of pet cremation earrings is extraordinary. With options that include a silver teardrop and a heart with angel wings, you will find a style that suits your budget and taste. The perfect way to commemorate your dog, cat or other pet, they are simple and elegant whilst representing who they were. 

Pet Cremation Keychains 

If you don’t often wear jewelry, another option is a pet cremation keychain. Available in a range of designs, including a paw shaped keychain and a heart shaped keychain, you will be able to bring a piece of them everywhere alongside your house or car keys. 

Pet Cremation Bracelets 

Alongside your pet cremation necklace and earrings, you can wear one of our sophisticated pet cremation urn bracelets. With designs that include an etched phrase, a sunflower design and a modern leather style, there is a pet cremation bracelet that will suit both men and women. A wonderful and simple accessory, you can think back to the memories of your pet every time that you glance down at your wrist.  

Cremation Jewelry for Dogs

Dogs are loyal to us until they pass away. Sharing a unique bond with us, they play a big part in our lives. Here at Cherished Emblems, we aim at creating dog cremation jewelry that showcases their memory. From a design featuring a puppy sleeping to a vial and earrings with unique bone gemstones, our collection has something that will help you to remember their unique character. 

Cremation Jewelry for Cats

Cats have been a beloved pet for 1000’s of years. Usually ruling the roost, they are loved for their independent character and affectionate nature. Key members of the family, they are with us for many years. When your kitten or cat passes, it’s nice to have an item to remember them by. That’s why we have created a range of cat cremation jewelry that reflects the playfulness and adoration of our feline friends. From a sleeping cat urn necklace to a cat cremation necklace with rhinestones, our collection has something for everyone.

Cremation Jewelry for Horses

It’s not only dogs and cats that can be remembered through cremation jewelry – horses can be too. We have cremation jewelry that encompasses the memory of your pony or horse. Available in a range of colors, we have a horse in a heart necklace and a horse shaped cremation urn necklace.  

Cremation Jewelry for Rabbits

Often, cremation jewelry won’t feature rabbits. But bunnies are just as important as dogs, cats and horses. If you have recently lost your bunny, we have a silver bunny cremation urn necklace that you can cherish for years to come. Showcasing the beautiful bunny with wings, this awe-inspiring necklace is a reflection of their loving personality.

Pet Cremation Jewelry by Cherished Emblems

Our pet cremation jewelry comes with an easy-to-use screw top that you can open and insert your pet’s ashes, whiskers or a lock of fur. Displayed in a delicate box, it also has a funnel and easy instructions to follow. This makes the process a lot more straight-forward, meaning that you can enjoy the piece of jewelry moments after receiving it in the post. 

With free shipping across the US, you will receive your jewelry quickly and efficiently. So whether you are looking for a necklace, earrings, a keychain or a bracelet, Cherished Emblems has you covered. A unique way in which to keep your pet by your side forever, cremation jewelry is a wonderful addition to a cremation urn and can be matched with any outfit. Their tough, hard-wearing material also means that you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear. You can simply enjoy the piece of jewelry whilst knowing that your pet’s ashes, a lock of fur or whisker is safeguarded.