Silver Feather Shaped Cremation Urn Necklace

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Love is light as a feather. Loving them was the easiest thing that you have ever done. When you think of them you can not help but smile. Being with them was like breathing in the fresh air of a mountain forest. Remember and honor your loved one with the Silver Feather Shaped Cremation Urn Necklace.

The necklace is a single simple feather etched with black detailing. The feather represents the lightness and easiness of loving your dearly departed. Hold your loved one close with the Silver Feather Shaped Cremation Urn Necklace.

Remember and cherish the one you love with a cremation urn necklace from Cherished Emblems.

This ash necklace will hold and protect the ashes of your loved one & won't tarnish or lose it's finish over time. 

Each Cherished Emblem cremation urn is a beautiful choice to remember those you love who have passed away. Each cremation jewelry urn comes in a display box with a small funnel and instructions to insert the ashes into the urn at no extra charge.

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Included With The Cremation Urn Necklace:

  • Cremation Urn Pendant
  • Necklace Chain
  • Pendant Filling Instructions
  • Funnel
  • Display Box

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