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A caterpillar eats and absorbs life. A cocoon protects itself as it goes through a major transformation. A butterfly takes all its previous experiences and flies. Life for us is similar to that of the butterfly. We absorb as much of life as we can. Then we change over time, keeping our hopes and dreams close until we are ready to fly. This metamorphosis is how we come to be who we are. The Golden Butterfly Flower Lantern Cremation Urn Necklace is the perfect way to honor and remember your loved ones life and love. 

The ash necklace is a hollow spherical shape. All over the sphere are butterfly shaped cut outs. Inside the hollow sphere is a container for your loved ones ashes. The butterfly represents your dearly departed as one who embraced life and learned all they could to fly. Embrace life and remember your loved one with the Golden Butterfly Flower Lantern Cremation Urn Necklace.


Diameter: 3/4"


Our ash necklaces come standard with a 16 inch chain. However, if this chain is too small for you then you can request a 20 inch chain with no additional cost to you. All you need to do is to add your request for a longer chain in the notes section when you go to check out. 

This option is easily available on a computer when ordering. Unfortunately if you are ordering on a mobile device there is a chance that the notes section is not available. If this is the case then you can contact us and we can add the request personally for you. 

Yes! We do provide engravings. We can place an engraving on the (front, back, sides) of the piece. The size of the engraving depends on the flat surface space of the piece you're looking at. You may be able to fit a few words, but keep in mind the more words you choose to engrave, the smaller they will be.  

To add the engraving to your order, all you have to do is place the “Product Engraving”  to your cart. (link below)Then in the “notes” section at the checkout you can tell us exactly what you want to engrave on the (name of product). Also be aware that all engravings are done in our factory and sent to you directly. This means that order processing and shipping times may be delayed up to 7 days past our normal processing and shipping policies.

Link For Engravings

Each Cherished Emblem cremation urn is a beautiful choice to remember those you love who have passed away. Each cremation jewelry urn comes in a display box with a small funnel and instructions to insert the ashes into the urn at no extra charge.

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Included With The Cremation Urn Necklace:

  • Cremation Urn Pendant
  • Necklace Chain
  • Pendant Filling Instructions
  • Funnel
  • Display Box