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Tree of life with branch frame around it

Cherishing Memories with Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry

Have you ever felt the gentle weight of a lifetime's worth of love and memories contained within an object no bigger than a quarter? Tree of life cremation jewelry, as it turns out, can carry such profound significance. It's more than just a finely crafted emblem—it’s symbolic, powerful, and deeply personal.

A tree of life pendant isn't simply something you wear; it encapsulates precious ashes, symbolizing growth from loss—like branches reaching towards the sky even after being pruned back to their base.

Tree of life shaped pendants and engravings can whisper stories untold—we’ll explore symbolism behind each leafy arc that represents not only our roots but also connections between earth and heaven.

We guide you on how to fill these treasures with love and care, plus tips for keeping them beautiful over time. To make your cherished emblem last.

Table Of Contents:

The Significance of the Tree of Life in Cremation Jewelry

Our connection to nature and the cycles of life is profoundly represented by tree of life cremation jewelry. As a poignant symbol, it encapsulates our deepest emotions, memories, and hopes. It's not only a pendant, but a physical connection between us and those who have passed away.

A piece like this doesn't merely hold ashes—it cradles a story. When we look at that beautifully crafted tree design on the pendant necklace or urn pendant, we're reminded of strength rooted in love and branches reaching out into infinity.

The Echoing Symbolism

In many cultures around the world, trees are seen as powerful symbols: they grow from tiny seeds into towering entities over years—much like human lives unfold with time. So naturally, when combined with cremation jewelry for memorial gifts or pet memorials alike—the symbolism becomes even more profound.

This precious emblem speaks volumes about growth after loss while promising renewal through each new season—a fitting tribute to any cherished loved one who has moved onto their next journey. 

Melding Artistry With Sentimentality

Cherished Emblems' collection features various designs expertly designed by artisan jewelers—who understand what such pieces mean to those grieving. Every swirl etched into the pendant mirrors one's complex feelings—painful yet beautiful—in remembrance. 

Each emblem is not just a trinket, but rather an expression of adoration, bereavement and yearning. That's the beauty and significance of tree of life cremation jewelry—it lets you keep your loved ones close while symbolizing the enduring cycle of life itself.

Key Takeaway: 


Cherished Emblems crafts these pieces expertly, and they offer so much more than just adornment. They symbolize love, capture the pain of loss, echo our longing and keep your loved ones close to you. Each piece tells a heartfelt story—a reminder that we're deeply rooted in love and strength.

Origins and Symbolism of the Tree of Life

The tree of life, an emblem etched in human history, is a symbol revered across cultures. Its origins trace back to ancient civilizations where it was viewed as a divine conduit connecting heaven, earth, and the underworld.

The Historical Roots and Symbolic Meanings

In many cultures like Ancient Egypt or Norse mythology, this symbol represented eternal life and rebirth - notions that find deep resonance when someone has passed away. This sacred tree held not just leaves but stories too – tales about ancestors living on through their descendants.

This makes its adaptation into cremation jewelry fitting. In essence, wearing a piece bearing the tree design becomes akin to carrying forward one's lineage – each branch representing family ties reaching outwards while staying rooted in love.

1. Ancient Mesopotamia

In Mesopotamian mythology, particularly among the Assyrians and Babylonians, the Tree of Life was a symbol of immortality and divine wisdom. It was often depicted as a palm tree and was believed to be the source of eternal life. The tree was also seen as a bridge between heaven and earth, connecting the gods to humanity. (Source: "Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others" by Stephanie Dalley, Oxford University Press, 1989).

2. Norse Mythology

In Norse culture, the Tree of Life, known as Yggdrasil, was an immense ash tree considered the center of the cosmos. It connected the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology and was central to Norse beliefs about the structure of the universe, supporting the heavens and providing a link between the gods, humans, and the underworld. (Source: "The Norse Myths" by Kevin Crossley-Holland, Pantheon Books, 1980).

3. Celtic Culture

The Celts viewed the Tree of Life (Crann Bethadh) as a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and strength. It was also considered to hold powers of abundance, and to be a source of nourishment. They believed that trees were the ancestors of man and a connection to the spirit world. (Source: "The Celtic Wisdom of Trees: Mysteries, Magic, and Medicine" by Jane Gifford, Watkins Publishing, 2000).

4. Ancient Egypt

In Egyptian mythology, the Tree of Life was associated with the concept of life and death. The tree was often depicted bearing fruit which provided eternal life and knowledge. The Egyptians also believed that the tree was the dwelling place of the gods and a vital part of the pathway to the afterlife. (Source: "The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt" by Richard H. Wilkinson, Thames & Hudson, 2003).

5. Chinese Mythology

In Chinese culture, the Tree of Life features a phoenix and a dragon; the dragon often represents immortality. There is also a Taoist story of a tree that produces a peach every three thousand years, and eating its fruit grants immortality. (Source: "Chinese Mythology: An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend" by Derek Walters, HarperCollins, 1992).

6. Indian Culture

The Banyan tree is considered a symbol of immortality in Indian culture and is often referred to as the Tree of Life. In Hindu mythology, it is said to be the tree under which the creator god Brahma completed his meditation, and thus it symbolizes enlightenment and knowledge. (Source: "Indian Mythology: Tales, Symbols, and Rituals from the Heart of the Subcontinent" by Devdutt Pattanaik, Inner Traditions, 2003).

Each of these cultural interpretations highlights the Tree of Life's significant role in human thought and spirituality, transcending geographical and temporal boundaries. Its representation in cremation jewelry can thus be seen as a powerful symbol of eternal life, deep wisdom, and our connection to the past and the future.

Tree burial, another embodiment of this concept aligns with eco-friendly practices advocating for bodies becoming part of nature after death. It reminds us how our lives are intertwined with nature’s cycle - born from dust; we return to dust yet live on forever within it.

Sacred symbols like these have found new meaning in modern times by helping people grieve differently. The 'life pendant', particularly popular among pet owners who choose cremation over traditional burials for their beloved companions signifies continued connection even beyond death.

A single piece can contain ashes safely tucked inside an urn chamber providing comfort knowing your loved ones always stay close to heart.

You can check out our different cremation jewelry designs if you need more information or wish to explore different designs available at Cherished Emblems' collection.

Cherished Emblems: A Collection of Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry

The tree of life is an iconic symbol, cherished for its representation of growth, strength, and connection to ancestry. At Cherished Emblems, we've embraced this beautiful symbol in our cremation jewelry collection.

Unique Designs by Artisan Jewelers

We believe each memory deserves a unique memento. That's why every piece in our collection has been meticulously crafted designed. Our stainless steel pendants feature the symbolic tree design intricately etched into them, making each pendant necklace a work of art that serves as both beautiful adornment and comforting memorial.

In line with preserving memories, these life cremation pieces also have an urn chamber which can be filled with ashes or any small remembrance from your loved one; thus keeping their presence close to you at all times.

Affordable Prices with Family Discounts

We understand that commemorating your loved ones should not break the bank but rather bring comfort during difficult times. We provide families with cost savings when buying multiple items. If you are wanting to purchase for a family please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in making your order.

No matter where you go or how much time passes since their departure from this world; carrying these timeless tokens allows you to keep your loved ones with you always.

How to Fill and Seal Tree of Life Cremation Pendants

Filling your cherished Tree of Life cremation pendant is a simple yet significant process. With the right guidance, you can create a personal memorial that keeps your loved one close to heart.

Pendant Filling: A Step-by-Step Guide

The first step involves preparing the urn chamber within your pendant necklace for filling. Gently unscrew or open the small compartment at the base or backside of your jewelry piece.

Next, use a tiny funnel - included with our pendants - to gently guide ashes into the opening. Make sure not to overfill; leaving some space helps ensure secure sealing later on.

Making Your Pendant Water Tight

To make sure it's water tight, let’s move on to sealing this precious memory capsule. You’ll need a strong adhesive like our clear epoxy — something capable of creating an impermeable seal without affecting aesthetics.

Carefully apply just enough glue around edges where lid meets base then reattach them securely but softly — we don't want any forceful twisting damaging these delicate tokens.

Your Filling Kit Essentials

Included in every Cherished Emblems purchase is a "filling kit". This has all essentials needed including instructions and a mini-funnel for ash transfer in our collection - ashes safely stored away will be kept dry no matter what life throws their way.

Engraving Options for Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry

When it comes to personalizing your tree of life cremation jewelry, there's no shortage of engraving options. You can choose from text engraving or image engraving depending on what speaks most deeply to you.

Text engraving is a popular choice that allows up to two lines depending on the design. Consider opting for text engraving if you're looking to keep it uncomplicated and classic. Think about the initials of your loved one, an important date, or even a short message that carries significant meaning.

Reach out to us anytime if you need help deciding what words best encapsulate your memories; we're here every step of the way.

Your Personal Touch in Every Detail

In this world full of mass-produced items, there’s nothing quite as special as knowing your pendant has been touched by human hands. Engravings can be done on both sides of your pendant allowing even more room for creativity. The result? A one-of-a-kind piece that carries a wealth of emotion and memory.

With our engraving options, your tree of life cremation jewelry isn't just an accessory; it becomes part of you - holding the essence of those who have moved on but continue to live in your heart forever.

Key Takeaway: 


Personalizing your tree of life cremation jewelry offers countless possibilities. Choose text engraving for simplicity or image engraving to transform your pendant into a unique work of art. Either way, the engravings can capture significant memories and emotions on both sides, making this piece more than just an accessory - it becomes part of you.

Return Policy and Satisfaction Promise for Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry

We at Cherished Emblems want to ensure your complete satisfaction when you choose our tree of life cremation jewelry. We understand that this is a personal purchase, made with love and remembrance.

Your Happiness Matters to Us

To demonstrate our appreciation for your confidence in us, we provide an unparalleled return policy. If the piece doesn't meet your expectations or if it simply doesn't feel right, you can send it back within 30 days from the date of purchase. All we ask is that the item be unused and in its original condition.

Please note that custom-engraved items are not eligible for returns unless there's a defect or error on our part. Our team will work diligently to rectify any such issues because customer happiness truly matters to us.

Satisfaction Promise: Quality You Can Trust

At Cherished Emblems, each tree of life cremation pendant is crafted by artisan jewelers who infuse their heart into every piece they work on. This commitment extends beyond just creating beautiful pieces; it means delivering quality products you can cherish.

If ever a product fails due to manufacturing defects, we promise to replace or repair it without cost - all as part of our lifetime warranty service.

FAQs in Relation to Tree of Life Cremation Jewelry

Is it OK to wear cremation jewelry?

Absolutely, wearing cremation jewelry is a personal choice and a touching way to keep your loved ones close.

What does cremation jewelry mean?

Cremation jewelry signifies remembrance. It's a wearable tribute that holds ashes of deceased loved ones as an enduring memory.

How much is a cremation pendant?

The cost varies depending on the material and design. But you can find quality pieces ranging from $45-$300.

Can you bury ashes under a tree?

Sure, planting trees over ashes makes for eco-friendly memorials. But local regulations might apply, so check before proceeding.


Embracing tree of life cremation jewelry is embracing a world of symbolism and comfort. These finely crafted pendants serve as touching tributes to loved ones, capturing their essence in ashes encased within.

Filling these delicate keepsakes requires precision, but the end result—holding a universe's worth of love—is immeasurable. With proper care and maintenance, they will stand as enduring memorials.

Their engraving options give them personal touches that whisper stories untold; from ancient roots to branching connections between earth and heaven.

If you are looking for a tree of life urn necklace we have many different designs to choose from. We hope you can find an emblem that will help you through your grief. If you have any questions or need help in choosing an emblem please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a chat

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