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Is There Jewelry For Ashes?

Is There Jewelry For Ashes?

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing that anybody ever experiences. But while the dearly departed are no longer with us in body, their spirit will live forever. You will never forget the impact they had on your life. Their ashes can be a continued source of emotional comfort. 

While keeping your loved one’s ashes in an urn remains a great tradition, you may be looking for alternative solutions and may want to know whether jewelry for ashes exists? 

The short answer is simply yes. However, you probably would like to more more details than that. Here’s all you need to know.

What Is Jewelry For Ashes?

Jewelry for ashes is, as the name suggests, any type of jewelry that is designed with a chamber to store the ashes of your loved one. This ‘mini urn’ is incorporated into it's natural design to ensure that it looks like a normal piece of jewelry. 

From a distance, jewelry for ashes won’t look any different from other pieces of jewelry. When you look closer, though, you can see that the design will pay homage to your loved one in a very clear way. It could display a message of affection or depict an image that symbolizes the relationship you shared. 

This type of jewelry has been used for many generations. In fact, it dates back to ancient civilizations. As such, you may have heard it be described as cremation jewelry or honor jewelry. Whatever name you’re familiar with, many people find that jewelry for ashes quickly becomes one of their most cherished possessions.

Why Choose Jewelry For Ashes?

Jewelry for ashes boasts a rich history around the world but has witnessed a steep climb in popularity over recent years. While the increased awareness may be attributed partly to social media influencers and effective marketing campaigns, there are many contributing factors for the growing number of people currently wanting this type of jewelry. 

Some of the key benefits include;

  • The ashes of a loved one can be scattered across multiple jewelry items, thus allowing all family members to be united by their love and memories of the dearly departed.
  • The ashes can be carried with you at all times, providing emotional reassurance and the knowledge that your loved one is by your side. This helps extend their influence on your life for years to come.
  • Jewelry for ashes will make a clear statement about your life and character. The unique sense of personalization makes it the most powerful possession you could ever possess.
  • The fact that only a small number of ashes are needed in the jewelry means you can also keep your loved one at home in an urn or scatter some of their ashes in a memorable place.
  • The jewelry has a timeless appeal, ensuring that it adds value to your life on a daily basis for many years to come. It can additionally become an heirloom that is passed down to your children in later years.

Cremation jewelry carries a huge appeal for a variety of reasons, bringing emotional comfort in a convenient, personalized, and cost-effective fashion. When coupled with their growing presence, there has never been a better time to buy jewelry for ashes.

Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, wearing jewelry for ashes delivers truly magical feelings. Crucially, it’s not only for the memories of recently lost loved ones. It is equally possible to transfer the ashes of a long-lost loved one from an urn to the jewelry item. Likewise, you can keep the ashes of loved ones, such as two parents together.

What Makes Great Jewelry For Ashes?

If you are planning to buy dedicated jewelry for ashes, the first step is to check that the product is suitable. Without the designated chamber for the ashes, the jewelry cannot serve its purpose. 

However, this type of jewelry is meant to feel personal. Therefore, it’s equally important to find an item that boasts the design features that will maximize the emotional comfort and keep your loved one close. The following questions should lead you to a smarter selection:

Who Is It For?

If it’s not for yourself, you’ll need to think about the recipient of the jewelry. After all, men and women tend to have different tastes in jewelry. Moreover, you may want to take their personal tastes into account.

Who Will The Jewelry Remember?

More importantly, you must think about who you are remembering. This will allow you to think about what you may want to have engraved or products that are designed in the shape or style to commemorate the relationship you shared.

What Type of Jewelry Is Best?

Jewelry for ashes is very versatile, not least because it can take many forms. The most popular choices are rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains. Cherished Emblems provides a range of styles across each product.

What Materials & Colors Are Best?

As well as looking at themed jewelry, you should consider the choice of material and color. This could influence how the piece of jewelry integrates with your appearance in a range of recreational and business settings.

What Message Should Be Depicted?

The purpose of cremation jewelry is to remember a loved one. The personal touch of a unique message can make all the difference. Not all jewelry can be adapted in this way, but those that may offer an even greater appeal.

Of course, you also need to ensure that the jewelry fits your budget limitations. Cherished Emblems prides itself on offering value for money as well as value to your memories of your loved ones.

The Final Word

Jewelry for ashes is the ultimate way to keep a lost loved one with you at all times, and their presence can completely transform your world by providing comfort in guidance when it is most needed. 

Thanks to Cherished Emblems, you can find the perfect piece of statement jewelry to remember your loved one forever. Better still, our free delivery and 100% money-back guarantee allow you to shop with confidence. To remember your loved one in the best possible, take the first steps by calling our team today.


I just lost my husband on 6/27/21 looking for necklace like this

I’ve been looking for something like this for when I pass. As I have 9 grandchildren and nothing to leave them.

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