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I'll Always Remember Podcast Episode 05 | Losing a Pet and Best Friend

I'll Always Remember Podcast Episode 05 | Losing a Pet and Best Friend

In this episode I meet with Peter from Pennsylvania who tells me the story about his dog, Rocco, a Rottweiler with whom he developed a strong bond. They became best friends, but just at 3 years old, Rocco fell ill and they were unable to save him. Peter tells the touching story of their bond, how it developed, and how he has dealt with losing his pal. He discovered cherished emblems, which gave him the opportunity to always remember and keep his buddy with him always.

How he came to get Rocco 2:31
Finding Rocco 5:59
Taking classes with Rocco 16:23
Getting a big splinter and falling ill 18:15
Finding Cherished Emblems 30:24
Dealing with grief 40:39

“I had no idea how it was gonna be with me being present in the procedure, but I wanted to be there. And it was just the saddest thing, especially when I saw him take his last breath. And then I went home with the leash and collar. Alone. And that’s when I felt like I made a mistake.” 25:39


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