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Sharing this picture to talk about cremation jewelry. This picture shows a people comforting a loved one after they have learned someone has died.

Are Cremation Necklaces Weird?

I’ll never forget the night my Grandpa died. 

My paternal grandparents lived across the street from us, and my parents were present when Grandpa peacefully passed away in his home. After the funeral home employees took his body away late that night, my parents returned to our home. My Mom said, “I can’t believe your Grandma! Her husband just died, and she’s staying up late to clean her house!”

I have thought of what my Mom said for years. My Mom, although wise about many things, didn’t understand that people grieve differently. 

When Mom passed, one of my siblings collapsed while another immediately began informing the extended family and planning the services. 

A friend who lost her sister went to the movies the next night – not because she wasn’t devastated about the loss. Instead, she needed a break from her grief for a couple of hours. 

People experience grief in different ways. 

What are your plans for your loved one’s ashes?

Cremation was not common when my Grandpa died, but now more Americans are cremated than buried. However, many families struggle to decide what to do with their loved one’s cremated remains if no end-of-life plan was left behind. 

As a result, some families store the box of their family member’s remains on a shelf in a hall closet. If this describes your situation, we would like to suggest a different way to honor the life of your loved one. 

Don’t let your loved one’s remains sit forgotten in your closet. Instead, keep your loved one close to your heart by wearing a piece of fine jewelry that holds a tiny amount of your loved one’s cremated remains.

Is it weird to wear a cremation urn necklace?

Ash necklaces may be new to you, but the concept has been around for centuries. For example, it was common for Victorians to save a lock of a loved one’s hair in a locket. Queen Victoria herself did this when her husband Albert died. 

Now that cremation is more common, many people are comforted to wear a small locket or pendant that holds a tiny portion of their loved one’s cremated remains. It’s a tactile reminder of the person you loved. 

How do I pick cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles. Some pendants look like tiny receptacles and may even be engraved with the phrase “I Carry You With Me.” Other designs are less obvious, such as this piece that resembles an angel, cross, and heart. 

If you are concerned with other people’s reactions to your jewelry, you might purchase a piece of urn jewelry with a hidden compartment. However, we hope you surround yourself with people who accept the way you grieve. After all, everyone reacts to loss differently. No reaction is wrong; it is simply yours.

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