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Pet Cremation Jewelry


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Keychain - Pet Paw Cremation Urn Keychain
Cremation Necklace - "My Fur Angel" Modern Square Cremation Urn Necklace With Paw Prints
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Cremation Necklace - Dog Bone Shaped Cremation Urn Necklace With Rhinestones
Save $1000
Keychain - Pet Paw Shaped Cremation Urn Keychain
Keychain - Silver Cylinder Cremation Urn Keychain With Pet Paws
Sold Out
Cremation Necklace - Horse In Heart Cremation Necklace
Sold Out
Cremation Necklace - Cat Cremation Urn Necklace
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Cremation Necklace - Modern Silver Paw Print Cremation Urn Necklace
Save $1500
Cremation Necklace - "Angel" Engraved Teardrop Pet Cremation Urn Necklace With Paws
Save $2900
Cremation Necklace - Silver Cat Cremation Urn Necklace
Sold Out
Cremation Necklace - Cat In Heart Cremation Urn Necklace
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Cremation Necklace - Silver Heart Paw Print Cremation Urn Necklace
Save $1500
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Pet Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry designed for pets have been designed just like our men's cremation urn jewelry and our women's cremation urn jewelry. They are carefully created to protect and hold the ashes of your lost pet in a beautiful vessel you can take with you wherever you go. Each piece is made with the same quality metals and care to ensure they last a lifetime!

Our furry family members are a very important part of our lives, and our families.  We know from personal experience how hard it is to lose a pet and with how big a part they are in our lives they should not be forgotten.

Our ash jewelry collection includes styles for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals that connect with us in our lives. We hope our varying styles of pet jewelry gives you the piece of mind and comfort that your cherished pet deserves.

Our cremation jewelry for pets can hold and protect the ashes, a lock of fur, or even a whisker of your pet. Our cremation urn jewelry comes in silver, gold, black, and rose gold. Cherished Emblems has many different cremation urn jewelry for dogs and cremation urn jewelry for cats.

Pets are a part of our families. We know you will agree with us that wearing pet cremation jewelry that will hold your pet's ashes, fur or whiskers is the ideal way to keep them close to your heart and to honor them every single day. During their lives our four-legged family members give unconditional love and we can give them some of that same unconditional love even after they have passed.. Cremation jewelry is a unique way to commemorate your lost dog, or cat and be able to remember fondly their time that they spent with you and your family.

Dog Cremation Urn Jewelry

Dogs have a very unique and special ancestral bond with us. Their loyalty and devotion to their owners has not been matched by any other animals that we have as pets. They are even known to sacrifice their own lives for us. That kind of love deserves to be honored and remembered. That is why we offer dog ash jewelry so that you can keep your puppy with you even after they have taken the rainbow bridge in the sky. Each of our dog urn pieces are uniquely and beautifully crafted to remember your furry family member. 

Cat Cremation Urn Jewelry

Cats have fascinated us for thousands of years. Even back to the time of the Egyptians have we worshiped, cuddled, laughed, and cherished our feline family members. Kittens aren't just cute critters to watch on the internet, but they are very important members of our family.  As our founder Jordan shared in his blog post about his first cat how much of a special bond we have with cats. After his cat had passed he would have kept a whisker of his kitty in a piece of urn jewelry if they were available. It is in part why he started Cherished Emblems. To be able to allow pet lovers to remember their pets always.  

Bunny Cremation Urn Jewelry

Cats and Dogs are not the only pets that we have in our lives. Bunnies are also cuddly caring pets that we want to remember. They bring us so much joy and it is never easy when they pass on.  That is why we also have pet ash jewelry specifically for bunnies. 

Horse Cremation Urn Jewelry

Many cremation urn jewelry companies have urns for more common pets but unfortunately many do not have styles in honor of horses. We have a beautiful horse cremation urn necklace that is in the shape of a heart and can be a wonderful piece to remember a special horse in your life.  Cherished Emblems hope to have more horse styled cremation urn jewelry in the future 

Thank You For Visiting Cherished Emblems

We all wish to thank you for visiting Cherished Emblems and looking for pet cremation urn jewelry.  We know and understand how important it is to honor your pet and we hope that we can be able to help you through your time of need. Losing a pet or another loved one is never easy, and it is important to take it as day, an hour, a moment at a time to work through the loss. In time it will get better. That we can promise.