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Woman comforting another woman who has lost a loved one

What Is A Cremation Bracelet?

When you lose a loved one, it feels like a part of you has been ripped away. In the days and weeks after their death, you may feel lost and alone. It can be very hard to try and move forward after someone who has meant so much has left. Many who pass on are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. This in turn has created ways where not only can the ashes be kept in an urn but also they can be placed inside of cremation jewelry. 

One type of cremation jewelry that is becoming a very popular way to keep your loved one close to you is a cremation bracelet.  Cremation necklaces are what many will choose but some are not familiar with cremation bracelets which are also pieces of jewelry that holds some of your loved one's ashes or hair.  If you're interested in getting a cremation bracelet for yourself or someone else, read on for more information about them

What Is A Cremation Bracelet?

Cremation Bracelet with open chamber to show where you can fill the ashes inside.

A cremation bracelet can come in many different styles and types. The majority of them will look like a normal bracelet, but each one will contain a small chamber in which ashes, hair, or something sentimental can be placed inside. It can then be sealed to protect those items so that they can last for forever.  We have many different styles and designs that you can choose from that will match your preferences

How Do They Work?

Cremation bracelets work just like any other bracelet in that they can be put on your wrist or some may even choose to wear them on their ankle. Each bracelet will hold the ashes of your loved one which is filled with a filling kit that is included with each purchase. Once they have been filled they will be sealed off with either a screw or twist cap which we recommend you also seal with a jewelry adhesive to ensure that nothing becomes loose. There is also a rubber gasket in each piece to ensure a proper seal is in place and no ashes can come out. This also will ensure that the cremation bracelet is waterproof.

Who Can Wear Them?

Cremation bracelets are for anyone that would like to wear them. They are designed to be worn just like any other kind of bracelet and there are many pieces that we offer which can be sized to fit any wrist. When you have lost a loved family member, friend, or pet a cremation bracelet is an honorable way to keep their ashes with you wherever you go in a secure vessel that will not rust or tarnish and lasts a lifetime 

Where Can You Buy Them

All of our bracelets are available here on our site, and we are continually growing to provide these pieces to local funeral homes and veterinary clinics. If you are a funeral home, veterinary clinic, or would like to sell these in your store you can contact us here for wholesale purchasing

How Much Do They Cost 

Each of the bracelets that we sell come in a range from the Classic Cremation Urn Bracelet which is $69.97 to our very popular Classic Cremation Urn Bracelet With Gemstones that are $97.87 each. 

Healing And Coping With Loss Isn't Easy

Losing a loved one is hard, but cremation bracelets can help ease the pain. They are a beautiful piece of jewelry that can hold the ashes of your loved and keep them close to you always. If you are interested in ordering a cremation bracelet, we have many different styles to choose from. We are happy to help answer any questions that you have during the purchasing process so do let us know how we can better assist you.

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