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The Beauty of Cremation Urn Necklaces

The Beauty of Cremation Urn Necklaces

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing that anybody ever faces in life, and filling the void is impossible. However, with a cremation urn necklace, you can ease some of the pain while claiming a small but noticeable slice of emotional comfort.

A cremation urn necklace is a piece of jewelry that has been lovingly crafted to incorporate the ashes of your loved one. The idea of storing a keepsake of the dearly departed can be traced back for over a century, cremation necklaces are the greatest solution in the modern era. Here’s why:

Keeping Your Loved One Close At All Times

The beauty of an urn is that you get to keep your loved one close to you while keeping them in a safe place. With a cremation urn necklace around your neck, though, you can take those sentiments to a whole new level by keeping your loved one close to the heart at all times. The emotional comfort that they can bring is truly spectacular.

An urn necklace allows you to take your loved one everywhere. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or a vacation you’ll keep creating memories with your lost loved one for years to come. For many the ability to also talk to their loved one will feel very comforting too since they are with you at all times.Having your 

It also is particularly comforting when life can get hard. Moments such as long and grueling days at work or if it feel that life gets overwhelming.

A Physical Reminder Of Your Loved One

Traditional urns are a great way to remember your loved one and keep them close. However, the designs of urns are often very limited. When choosing a beautiful cremation urn necklace, though, the versatility of the design process enables you to truly celebrate everything that was special about your loved one.

The design could reflect your loved one's personality, hobbies, or something that they care about. Some pendant necklace urn examples include:

In addition to choosing a style that pays homage to your loved one and the relationship you shared, it’s possible to have the urn engraved before putting their ashes inside. 

Share Your Memories With Other Loved Ones

An urn necklace is naturally a lot smaller than a traditional urn. As such, you have the option to place a small portion of the loved one’s ashes in the urn. By doing this, you could split the dearly departed’s ashes across several necklaces (as well as other jewelry types and traditional urns) so that all relatives can keep a piece of their loved one close by.

In addition to being the ideal way to share the memory of your loved one, it gives each member of the family to choose a design that best suits their relationship with the dearly departed. Each of these unique memories will also bring the family closer together as you’ll be in a position to share memories and stories. After all, we all have personal experiences of our loved ones.

On a side note, you may want to keep a spare necklace in the home. This way, if you should ever lose the necklace you wear, you’ll still have a way to stay in close connection with your loved one.

Keep Their Memory Alive Forever

One of the other great things about cremation jewelry is that it also carries the heirloom factor. The urn necklace can be passed down through the generations to ensure that your loved one’s memory lives on forever. 

While you won’t want to think about your own passing, there’s also an opportunity for a part of you to be reconnected with the loved one. If the necklace design symbolizes your unique relationship in a winning fashion, uniting together forever in this way is the ultimate source of emotional comfort. It can also prove to be comforting for your child or whoever you leave the necklace to in the future.

Frankly, the beauty of a cremation necklace is that it becomes a truly personal part of your family history.

How To Celebrate Your Loved One Forever

For all of the reasons above, the idea of creating a cremation urn necklace is truly beautiful. Nonetheless, you will be desperate to get the process right. After all, it’s crucial to the memory of your loved one as well as your own happiness.

While there are many different types of cremation jewelry available, most people agree that an urn necklace is the perfect solution as it will literally keep the spouse, friend, relative, or pet close to your heart at all times. Still, you’ll need to ask several questions to get it right. Use the following simple checklist and you won’t go far wrong;

  • Find a style that represents the character and personality of your loved one.
  • Choose a metal (gold, silver, etc.) that reflects your loved one and feels right for you.
  • Select the right size of necklace for yourself or a child that you are buying the necklace for.
  • Think about the design theme and any potential engravings that may be required.

When you do all of these things, you will soon unlock the true beauty of cremation urn necklaces. Feel free to browse our site to see the many different styles of cremation urn necklaces that we have. 

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