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Carrying A Loved One Close With Cremation Urn Jewelry

Carrying A Loved One Close With Cremation Urn Jewelry

Someone beloved has passed away – a pet, a friend or a family member. Their presence replaced by absence.  It can be hard to fill the void their absence causes and impossible to replace them. However, in some cases an enduring connection can be honored and expressed. For those many who felt that cremation was the right choice for them, a small portion of a loved one’s ashes can be kept in jewelry.

Lockets for ashes, keepsake bracelets, necklaces and keychains are examples of several cremation jewelry options. For many, a jewelry urn provides comfort and healing, offering a physical reminder of a loved one’s eternal presence. These beautiful, creative works of art can serve as a vessel for the ashes of you human or pet loved one.

Loss of a loved one has been written about, explained and studied but it is almost impossible to prepare for as it is deeply personal and intense. For thousands of years we have been  keeping a loved one’s legacy alive through bodily keepsakes, such as a lock of hair which was very popular during the Victorian Era. This traditions evolution into mourning jewelry includes rings, keychains, bracelets and most popularly, necklaces. This tradition as mentioned before started during the Victorian Era and continues to be a very popular way to keep loved ones close after their passing even today.

Express Your Enduring Love

Everyone chooses to remember their loved ones in their own way. Adapting to the new normal of living without them is a deeply individual experience. What works for one person many not work for another, we are all beautifully unique. Jewelry commemorating a lost loved one carries the story of two lives bound by love, yours and theirs.  For those who feel comforted by the idea of keeping a loved ones ashes close to them, there are hundreds of different styles and designs to represent the experiences they cherished in life or anything that makes your relationship with them unique available here.

4 Steps To Select A Piece of Cremation Jewelry

Because of the range of available style choices, selecting cremation jewelry can at times appear daunting. But when we consider a lost loved one’s passion or hobby—such as gardening, riding motorcycles, nature, their faith—as well as our own taste, making a thoughtful decision becomes easier. A few things to think about include:

  1. Do you feel your loved one is best represented by a masculine or feminine design?
  2. Do you prefer a certain type of metal –rose, white or yellow gold, sterling silver, titanium, or stainless steel?
  3. Is there a particular theme that would reflect a loved one’s preference, passion or hobby, such as a sport or a type of animal? Looking through our inventory can help create some ideas.
  4. Do you prefer a specific type of jewelry? For example, do you enjoy rings more than necklaces or earrings? If you don't enjoy wearing jewelry, but want to keep your loved ones ashes close, consider our keepsake urns. They can be used discreetly in an office or workplace.

No matter what your preference may be we hope that we can be a support to help you in your time of loss. 


I’m looking for something stylish that’s got a stainless steel chain with a ⚱ on it so it doesn’t rust or tarnish on your neck. I would like too wear it on a daily basis… ❤💕

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