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Cremation Jewelry Blog

A memorial placed under a tree where a loved one is buried. A way to honor someone and a way to use their ashes after cremation

What To Do With Ashes After Cremation

Many who have lost a loved one will choose cremation because not only is it more beneficial to the environment it is also a more affordable option than traditional burial. But, one of the things to think about is what to do with their ashes after the cremation process is complete? Also you may wonder what the process will be like once the process has started.

In this blog post we will go over parts of the process and give you some ideas on what you can do to help memorialize your loved one.

When the cremation process has been completed most funeral homes or veterinarian offices will give you a temporary urn or container to hold the ashes. Once you have been given them you can then decide what you would like to do to memorialize your loved one the most.

It is also important that you follow the wishes of your loved one and discuss with your family what should be done with the ashes.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with the ashes:

1. Keep them in an urn on your mantel or shelf.

Many people will choose an urn either to hold the ashes of their loved one so that they can keep them close to them at home. A mantle or shelf is a great place to display an urn. There are a lot of options for urns out there, including keepsake urns which can hold a smaller amount of ashes if you would like to disperse the ashes to different members of your family so that everyone can have your lost loved one with them.

Flower cremation urn to hold ashes of your lost loved one


One unique and popular urn that we have is a unique rose flower. This urn is designed to hold a small amount of ashes inside of the flower itself and comes with a stand to display in your home wherever you may feel is most appropriate. We have many different colors available including a rainbow style that has become one of the most popular colors.

2. Place them in a columbarium at a cemetery.

A columbarium at a cemetery


A columbarium is a stone monument in many cemeteries where the ashes of loved ones are places above ground and can be visited as often as you'd like. Many families will go with this option as their loved one will be sealed inside of the columbarium for forever. There is usually a space where flowers and mementos can be placed when you visit the columbarium.

3. Spread the ashes in a favorite spot of the deceased's.

Couple at the ocean coast to spread the ashes of a loved one


Many who pass may ask to have their ashes spread about a place that meant a lot to them. Be it the ocean, a forest, or other special place that had significant importance. The spreading of ashes can be a very special and memorable experience for all that attend. Families are starting to choose to have their own private ceremony spreading ashes than a more formal funeral that is at a funeral home.

Be sure to check with local/state laws and owners of private property first to ensure that you are not on someone's property without permission. Many national parks in the US do allow for the scattering of human remains as long as you have the proper permit

To obtain permission, mail your request to the specific office that manages that national park. You can find it on the website of any specific park here and find out more about what is required to scatter ashes.

4. Bury them at a cemetery, garden, or memorable place.

Woman sitting at a bench near a tree where a loved one's ashes have been buried


Burying the ashes is a popular choice as well. Many cemeteries allow for burial of ashes in burial plots that are not as large as a plot for burial of someone in a casket. As more and more chose cremation as an option many more cemeteries are offering plots for the burial of ashes. A headstone, or plaque is typically placed like a traditional burial and can be a quiet place to be with your loved one.

If you would like to keep them closer to you there are also families who choose to bury the ashes of their loved one in a back garden with a monument or plaque. Some may even choose to plant a tree in memory of their loved one and place the tree above where they are buried. It can be a very special place to sit under the tree in the shade for generations to come. Stories and memories can be shared there of who is buried under that tree.

Also any memorable place could be done as well, but be sure to check with the property owner of the space to ensure that it is allowed. Many beautiful places can be chosen as long as it is allowed by the land owner.

5. Place some of their ashes inside of cremation jewelry.

I Carry You With Me Ash Necklace displayed on a table with a flower


Cremation Jewelry has grown a lot in popularity within the past few years. Not only can the piece chosen protect the ashes of your loved one, they also can be an expression of the interests, loves, and hobbies they had.

Many families like to purchase multiple pieces so that each family member can have some ashes to keep with them. As they have become more popular we have tried to accommodate many different designs, and styles that match what you might be looking for. These include:

We continually look for new designs and styles to match what our customers are looking for and if there is a theme or style you are looking for feel free to contact us and we will see if we can find something to match what you are wanting.

It is never easy when you lose someone close to you. Knowing how to cope with the loss and what to do next can be a daunting task as well as overwhelming. We want you to know that taking it one step at a time is the best way to process the grief you are experiencing. Take the time that you need to process, ponder, think and appreciate the time you were able to have with the one you lost.

We hope that the ideas we suggested here can give you some inspiration for what to do with ashes after cremation. Keep moving one small step at a time and remember that the love of the one who has passed on is real and will always be there. Much love from all of us at Cherished Emblems to you and your family.

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Sharing this picture to talk about cremation jewelry. This picture shows a people comforting a loved one after they have learned someone has died.

Are Cremation Necklaces Weird?

I’ll never forget the night my Grandpa died. 

My paternal grandparents lived across the street from us, and my parents were present when Grandpa peacefully passed away in his home. After the funeral home employees took his body away late that night, my parents returned to our home. My Mom said, “I can’t believe your Grandma! Her husband just died, and she’s staying up late to clean her house!”

I have thought of what my Mom said for years. My Mom, although wise about many things, didn’t understand that people grieve differently. 

When Mom passed, one of my siblings collapsed while another immediately began informing the extended family and planning the services. 

A friend who lost her sister went to the movies the next night – not because she wasn’t devastated about the loss. Instead, she needed a break from her grief for a couple of hours. 

People experience grief in different ways. 

What are your plans for your loved one’s ashes?

Cremation was not common when my Grandpa died, but now more Americans are cremated than buried. However, many families struggle to decide what to do with their loved one’s cremated remains if no end-of-life plan was left behind. 

As a result, some families store the box of their family member’s remains on a shelf in a hall closet. If this describes your situation, we would like to suggest a different way to honor the life of your loved one. 

Don’t let your loved one’s remains sit forgotten in your closet. Instead, keep your loved one close to your heart by wearing a piece of fine jewelry that holds a tiny amount of your loved one’s cremated remains.

Is it weird to wear a cremation urn necklace?

Ash necklaces may be new to you, but the concept has been around for centuries. For example, it was common for Victorians to save a lock of a loved one’s hair in a locket. Queen Victoria herself did this when her husband Albert died. 

Now that cremation is more common, many people are comforted to wear a small locket or pendant that holds a tiny portion of their loved one’s cremated remains. It’s a tactile reminder of the person you loved. 

How do I pick cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles. Some pendants look like tiny receptacles and may even be engraved with the phrase “I Carry You With Me.” Other designs are less obvious, such as this piece that resembles an angel, cross, and heart. 

If you are concerned with other people’s reactions to your jewelry, you might purchase a piece of urn jewelry with a hidden compartment. However, we hope you surround yourself with people who accept the way you grieve. After all, everyone reacts to loss differently. No reaction is wrong; it is simply yours.

Browse Cherished Emblems

Browse our website to browse through the wide variety of cremation jewelry styles. Besides pendants, we also offer rings, bracelets, keychains, and styles designed specifically for those who are grieving.

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Cherished Emblems has an extensive range of beautiful products for men, women, and children. To learn more about the best urn jewelry or cremation jewelry for your personal tastes, get in touch with our team today.

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We Apologize For Delays In Shipments During This Holiday Season!

We Apologize For Delays In Shipments During This Holiday Season!

During this pandemic we are experiencing significant delays from many suppliers. Please be aware we are shipping as quickly as we can, however orders are taking longer to arrive than normal. We are working hard with our manufacturer and shipping providers to send orders out as fast as we can.
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